Free me, oh the unforgiving

For days and more,
I have begged for being human,
On my knees, I have felt the shame of my wrongs,
My days are full with compunction,
But by night,
Like a sunken treasure,
You slipped further and furthermore,
The pattern of your back I mastered,
For that was all you gave me,
May my sins flow down to Jordan, I prayed,
I’ll stay for as long in deepest ends of the ocean,
So all my wrongs are washed away,
And I’m healed by the salt of the ocean,
Just anything for your forgiveness,
You who once adored me,
Let my night dawn,
Awaken your heart to the light of love,
Free me
Oh, please the unforgiving!

7 thoughts on “Free me, oh the unforgiving

    1. Sure,, free me oh the unforgiving is not only a poem about forgiveness. It goes further showing us how the unforgiven suffers from having to constantly beg. The pride of the one asked to forgive. Towards the end, it acknowledges the good times–you who once adored me, that any relationship has its ups and downs and as humans we make mistakes.


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