You, a wonder, dazzle me,
I am captive to your sight,
When your smile graces my eyes,
And your voice hits my ears,
It is much more than a moment,
With the hoarseness of my voice,
And my gambled lyrics,
I would sing a love orchestra for you,
Oh you, you spark amour,
Passion surges when you close distance,
My heart hears you,
It has mastered the rhythm of yours,
But ours is forbidden,
For you carry a promise to another,
Reality nettles me,
How do I escape our unspeakable desire?

©Joansang 2021.


Hello, it’s been a while since I last posted. Well, honestly, it’s hard to do anything else when you’re prepping for Law exams. It’s overwhelming. Anyways, I have something for you, something that’s been inspired by the occurrences of the past few weeks. To our loved ones that watch us from the heavens….


Eternal rest grant upon them,

Whose wings are liberated,

In the high sky they fly,

Almost with the cantoloupe sunsets,

Both, their beauty overwhelms,

Melodies with every swoop,

Free of the troubles of the earth,

That is only with toiling and sweating,

For high above,

In the land of the most gracious,

There, truly, our souls are peaceful.


He will surely bring rage to a calm ocean,
And let it swallow its innocent banks,
When the rage spreads wide and high,
Back and forth,
His journey he will make you accompany,
To tunnels with no light,
To paths with walls high as the sky above,
He will smile as you follow along,
Without a twitch in his eye,
Or a change in his pulse,
I will choose loyalty against betrayal,
And love against hatred.

My beloved

To the occasion he arose,
To convey his love for a lady,
Two to become one,
His pulse racing and skin tingling,
Emotions swirling like masses brimming,
Determined to set free his desire,
He went down on his knee,
His heart full of prayer,
That this day shine on him,
My beloved, I do, do you?

Hello😊, I hope you’re doing fine. So here’s an untitled piece. You’re open to suggest titles in the comment section. Hope you like it!

When my life is decaying,

And I must leave,

Let joyful tears claim the atmosphere,

Know that I’m leaving,

And my arrival would be worthwhile,

I will be received by old familiar voices,

As you shed a tear,

For the pain of parting ways,

Remember to dance and sing as well,

And after that day,

Let there be no sombre,

For even I will not mourn myself.

Copyright © 2020 by Joan Sang

Just like you

Refrain from troubling your soul,
And cursing your fate,
Your face is red with weeping,
Your night full of tossing till dawn,
You torment yourself,
Yet the way of life is no news,
Make your ears deaf to the voices,
That choose strangling for you,
That which creates bloody scenarios before your eyes,
Let this be your solace: that terrors chase us all at our heels,
Us, just like you,
Two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears,
And trouble broader than the sea,
We are no strangers to the rain,
That beats the flesh of our skin hard and cold,
Be kind to you,
Crawl back into yourself,
Warm your spirit,
And make yourself home again.

I long

Speckles and gatherings of days too old,

Like patches of tiny white clouds,

Thoughts far as the ends of the blue sky,

Of promising possibilities ahead of us,

Days of too much play,

And cry,

Quiet moments lost in tempo,

Days of moulding,

And surfaces of grey clay,

Of muddy evenings,

And mother’s cane,

Nights of peaceful light snores,

And single tossing by dawn,

They linger on the broken toys in our backyard,

I long, I long,

But they nolonger belong.

Below is the first poem I ever composed. It is untitled. I wrote it while on a walk one night back in 2017. I just thought I should post it. Hope you like it 😊

Stars remind me of the nights out,

The days we held hands down the street,

The rains remind me of the days I stood under your umbrella,

The sun reminds me of the days we shadowed under that tree,

Cold days remind me how you kept me warm,

Hot days remind me how you kept me cool,

Cos no matter the situation,

We always have each other.

Free me, oh the unforgiving

For days and more,
I have begged for being human,
On my knees, I have felt the shame of my wrongs,
My days are full with compunction,
But by night,
Like a sunken treasure,
You slipped further and furthermore,
The pattern of your back I mastered,
For that was all you gave me,
May my sins flow down to Jordan, I prayed,
I’ll stay for as long in deepest ends of the ocean,
So all my wrongs are washed away,
And I’m healed by the salt of the ocean,
Just anything for your forgiveness,
You who once adored me,
Let my night dawn,
Awaken your heart to the light of love,
Free me
Oh, please the unforgiving!